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The Sky Road (Fall Revolution)


This whole se­ries is way bet­ter than it has any right to be, con­sid­er­ing you could de­scribe it as "Trostky­ists in space!".

This, the fi­nal book, is my favourite along with the 1st one, but they are all good.

The Stone Canal (The Fall Revolution, #2)


Trot­skysts in space!

I had read (and re-read) the first book in this se­ries a long time ago. And I could nev­er get a chance to read the fol­lowup­s. This is just as good as The Star Frac­tion.

The Liberation (The Alchemy Wars, #3)


Dutch and cana­di­ans fight­ing over the fate of a world over­run by mag­i­cal ro­bots. If that does­n't make you read this se­ries, I pity you. Fun, poignan­t, well writ­ten, full of mul­ti­di­men­sion­al char­ac­ter­s. Awe­some read.

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