2016-09-11 07:51

The Assimilated Cuban's Guide to Quantum Santeria

  • Author: Carlos Hernandez
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    One of the best short story collections I have read in the past few years. Funny, interesting, and a page turner. It's also insanely quotable, even if most of the quotes would not make sense before reading the book, all of these make me giggle now:

    "He looked like some piebald prophet came to carry humanity onto its next evolution"

    "I put my faith in everything I did not understand about the world and stabbed my wife in the ass"

    "And then I almost kicked a pigeon"

    I would recommend this book to ... well, anyone, but if you enjoyed a book from Kelly Link (I heard some people don't, pobrecitos) you will like this one. It's not as beautifully written, but there is a similarity of wit, of whimsy, of tone. That things can be heartbreaking and funny at the same time, because life is like that.


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