2004-01-24 11:36

Neat stuff

This is a recipe at the Python CookBook showing how to add a new directive to reStructuredText, called code-block, which syntax-highlights the block!

I just implemented it in Notty, and now you can have the neatest code snippets. I did have to hack the output a fair bit since the displaying widget doesn´t support <span> (or CSS for that matter), so I had to do massive search-replaces on the output, to convert to <font>. But it took only half an hour to do, since SilverCity´s output is very regular.

I think I will suggest this to Hugo for PyDS, considering the density of programmers among its users :-)

2004-01-20 12:40

reStructuredText has ONE problem

I can't find any editor (outside of emacs) that has a mode for it. And it needs a mode ;-)

In fact, because of the way it's marked, it seems a mode for scintilla or kate simply can't be done.

The problem is that, in order to understand what a paragraph is, you need to see the end of it, sometimes (for example, headings)

So, since most highlight parsers switch when they trip onto something (say, a quote), it doesn't work.

I could, I suppose, do highlighting using something more evil, like detecting when the user ends a paragraph to set the paragraph's style, in addition to the usual stuff, but it seems pretty hard to get right.

2004-01-19 15:16

Happy hacking

I always get this weird high when I'm coding. I have no idea why. I just do.

Last night, I didn't sleep, I was so hyper.

2004-01-16 00:54

Memorable flames of the past (I)

Eric Bina´s Xaw Mosaic.

Just read it.

Warning: foul language

Severe Warning: rampant programmer elitism

Extreme Warning: he´ SO right.

2004-01-15 13:53

SCO just tried to hire me!

Ok, not SCO, but Exo Training.

You see, I teach Linux courses for a couple of companies (steady job, bad pay, but steady, you meet people), and we use the Exo Training facilities.

Well, one of the guys there contacted me to see if I was capable of teaching the SCO courses.

I said no, of course, but hell, doesn't it surprise anyone that there are still such things as:

  • SCO LINUX System Administration
  • SCO LINUX Network Infrastructure
  • SCO LINUX Network Services
  • SCO LINUX Enterprise Administration
  • SCO LINUX Enterprise Security

And these are offered right now!

2004-01-12 19:51

Novell-Ximian-Suse´s future

Lots of people, when they heard of this merger, started thinking like this:

Ok, so Novell bought Ximian. Ximian is a GNOME company. They also bought Suse. Suse is a distro. Ergo, Suse will become a Ximian-oriented distro.

Well, that makes some sense. But they seem to be forgetting of a change that should happen much sooner, because it:

  1. Is easier to do
  2. Makes more sense
  3. Costs less money

What change? Well, the changes that Ximian will have to face for now being part of a company that owns a dsitro!

Let´s look at Ximian´s products:

  • Ximian connector: I don´t see this changing, except for they adding a groupwise connector.
  • Evolution: I can see Novell pushing Evolution as a Groupwise client, for example. So, this has some legs. I don´t see it becoming a major revenue source for Novell, though, so it´s not going to get a large push.
  • Gnumeric: I see an axe in its future. Novell is not in the spreadsheet business. They owned Quattro Pro once, didn´t they?
  • Red Carpet. I have heard Novell really wanted this. They have ZenWorks, I suppose some integration is in order, and this will be productized. However, I don´t think Novell will want to push it as a software distribution mechanism for their competition, at least not while it´s free. If they did, Novell will be giving away what they bought. My guess? It will lose support for Red Hat, and will become more and more proprietary as time passes.
  • Ximian setup tools: I am doubting between the axe and proprietary lockdown. Why would Novell want to support configuration tools for their competition? On the other hand, YaST is better for their own product, so why keep this at all?
  • Mono: I can see they wanting this for their own tool development, and to make a push into the development tool market, but Novell has really no foothold there. So, while they will keep itr and push it, it´s not exactly a guaranteed success (then again, nothing is).
  • Ximian Gnome: I have no idea.

Also, polishing the crystall ball a little, if Novell has some cashflow problems in the next year, they will focus harder in what they really care about.

My guess is setup tools will become SuSE-only or SuSE-first, Red Carpet will be absorbed or rebranded into ZenWorks or something, Mono will be marketed as .NET platfor for Linux as soon as they get Forms working, the rest will be "liberated" fedora-style.

Now, let´s put a reminder to read this again in 2005 ;-)

2004-01-11 00:41

Why can´t I...

... get one of these?

I mean, I do have the money. But noone is going to sell them here. Any kind reader willing to buy one and mail it to me?

2004-01-10 13:06

Whoa. Hits!

Looks like the programming tutorial was well received. About 5000 hits in 12 hours :-)

Today´s ranings:

Lateral Opinion (link) 2355 SPE - Stani's Python Editor (link) 86

If it continues, Lateral Opinion will reach 50K hits today. I´ll have a beer for that!

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