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KRsN now available

Sadly, not a really usable version, but I got sidetracked by PyKDE and KFTE first. KRsN really needs just a couple of days loving.

So, if you RE­AL­LY RE­AL­LY want to try it, get >PyQt for Qt 3.1 work­ing, and then head for KRsN's source­forge page, and get it via CVS

You will al­so need Strip-o-­Gram,

Flaws right now:

  • The feed list does­n't up­date right
  • It does­n't tell read from un­read
  • New items re­place old­er ones in­stead of ap­pend­ing to them
  • New feed adding is slow­er than it should
  • Some­times, it gets RE­AL busy on start­up
Please report bugs, feature requests, etc. You can even subscribe to a RSS feed about KRsN!

KFTE on SourceForge

I just re­mem­bered that in sep­tem­ber 2000 I had cre­at­ed a KFTE project on

So, I go check it and... yup, still open. Noone has even looked at the page since cre­ation, no files, CVS, fo­rum, mail or any oth­er kind of ac­tiv­i­ty since the cre­ation of the pro­jec­t, but it is still open.

No won­der Source­Forge has such an amaz­ing num­ber of projects reg­is­tered! ;-)

But any­way, I up­load­ed re­lease 0.7.0 here: http://­source­­ject­s/k­fte/

Some programming

I just committed changes that make KFTE work on KDE 3.1

For any­one who likes FTE, a tra­di­tion­al pro­gram­mer's ed­i­tor from OS­/2 (and DOS, and Mac, and X, and lin­ux con­sole, and pret­ty much ev­ery­where :-), this ver­sion pro­vides a pure Qt and a KDE ver­sion.

While KFTE will prob­a­bly nev­er be­come a full KDE ap­pli­ca­tion (it does­n't sup­port stan­dard short­cut­s, for ex­am­ple), it is a cool ed­i­tor, and one you can use ev­ery­where.

Right now, the way to get it is through KDE's CVS, mod­ule kfte, in­struc­tions for KDE's cur­rent sources here

Ok, I better keep on hacking!

So, I mentined KRsN on a couple of public places.

I even said stuff about it be­ing avail­able by the week­end. So I bet­ter get my hands dirty now! ;-)

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