2003-03-24 21:28

KRsN now available

Sadly, not a really usable version, but I got sidetracked by PyKDE and KFTE first. KRsN really needs just a couple of days loving.

So, if you REALLY REALLY want to try it, get >PyQt for Qt 3.1 working, and then head for KRsN's sourceforge page, and get it via CVS

You will also need Strip-o-Gram,

Flaws right now:

  • The feed list doesn't update right
  • It doesn't tell read from unread
  • New items replace older ones instead of appending to them
  • New feed adding is slower than it should
  • Sometimes, it gets REAL busy on startup
Please report bugs, feature requests, etc. You can even subscribe to a RSS feed about KRsN!


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