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Preview chapter of "Grok 1.0 Web Development"

The nice fel­lows at Packt Pub­lish­ing have sent me a copy of Grok 1.0 Web De­vel­op­ment by Car­los de la Guardia to re­view.

I am read­ing it and ex­pect to write about it in a few days (BTW: nice so far! My pro­posed slo­gan: it's like zope, with­out the Ja­va [1]), and here is a sam­ple chap­ter so you can see what it's about. It's easy to read stan­dalone, too:

Chap­ter 5: Forms

Hav­ing had to deal this week with the bro­ken­ness that's Djan­go old­forms (le­ga­cy site, don't even ask), the Grok way of deal­ing with forms is re­fresh­ing ;-)

[1] Yes, of course I know Zope had no Ja­va in it, it just felt like Ja­va ;-)

Are we really this clueless about software costs?

Here's what Ohloh has to say about the cost of de­vel­op­ing Mar­ave

Re­al­ly, Mar­ave is maybe a month of part-­time pro­gram­ming. How could that pos­si­ble be U$S71355, or "1 Per­son Years"?

Is this garbage the best we have to es­ti­mate cost­s? If that's the case, then when­ev­er you see some­thing about "Open source pro­gram X would take Y years and cost Z dol­lars to write", cut it down by a fac­tor of 10 or more.

Here's what Mar­ave re­al­ly cost­ed to de­vel­op:

  • Noth­ing.

Ok, here's what it would have cost­ed if I had charged for it:

I am guess­ing about 100 hours of my time. At my "I hope they pay me this much" rate of U$S 40/hour , that's U$S 4000, which means Ohloh is off by 1600%.

OTO­H, for that much free­lance work I would not charge you the full rate, I would prob­a­bly end charg­ing you more like U$S20/hour which would make Ohlo­h's guess over 3000% too high.

In con­clu­sion: if you like my code (and hey, you can see it for your­self), hire me, I am in­cred­i­bly cheap, or amaz­ing­ly fast!

Marave 0.6 is out

Ver­sion 0.6 of Mar­ave, my peace­ful, fullscreen text ed­i­tor is now avail­able at the usu­al place: http://­mar­ave.­google­code.­com

New stuff:

  • Syn­­tax high­­­lighter

  • Plug­ins

  • Bugs fixed

  • Nicer an­i­­ma­­tions

  • Code cleanup

Gra­tu­itous screen­shot:

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