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Pycon Argentina 2009 Day 1

I am tired as a dog, back home af­ter day 1 of Py­Con Ar­genti­na 2009.

So, what hap­pened:

Now, to fin­ish writ­ing my slides for to­mor­row!

Darkness of the Light (The Hidden Earth Chronicles)

Cover for Darkness of the Light (The Hidden Earth Chronicles)


First, the moth­er of all slow start­s, and just as it picks up speed... it end­s, ex­pect­ing you to fol­low the se­ries.

Dear se­ries au­thors: the first book of a se­ries HAS to have an end­ing. If it does­n't, the read­er will ex­pect that all the oth­ers are the same, and feel cheat­ed.

The mid­dle book of a tril­o­gy CAN be a cliffhang­er, but not the freak­ing first one.

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