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Would you work with this telco?

The largest tel­co in Latin Amer­i­ca. Over 16.5M lines. And they can't con­fig­ure their freak­ing DNS cor­rect­ly.

[ralsina@monty ~]$ host -t any has SOA record 3 36000 3600 3600000 36000 name server name server
[ralsina@monty ~]$ host
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
[ralsina@monty ~]$ host
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Be­fore you ask, yes, their do­main is re­al­ly telmex.­com, but they did reg­is­ter telmex.­ and have a lame web redi­rec­tor at www.telmex.­

IN fac­t, ac­cord­ing to, that should be and so it's plain and lame mis­con­fig­u­ra­tion (BTW: what hap­pened to ns1?).

Peo­ple of Telmex, you can hire me to fix it for you. I won't over­charge you. I will how­ev­er, snick­er a lit­tle.

Gonna get me one of these. Oh yes.

It's the sec­ond com­ing of the Toshi­ba Li­bret­to, on­ly this time it's:

  1. Cheap­­er

  2. Filled with Lin­ux good­­ness.

It's the Asus eee. And the de­fault UI is some sort of weirdized KDE. And it is go­ing to sell a whole lot.

Re­al­ly, lug­ging my cur­rent note­book is tir­ing, not hav­ing my own tools when I go to a cus­tomer's is an­noy­ing. This ba­by should fix that.

Sure, you Word/Ex­cel/Pow­er­point jock­eys are go­ing to be an­noyed with a 800x600 screen, but it's awe­some for ssh ses­sion­s.

rst2pdf: now with working tables

Yup. Fig­ured out colum­n/­cell spans in re­port­lab, found old rst2rst code that reg­u­lar­izes the ta­ble row/­columns to be all the same num­ber of el­e­ments, and voilá, ta­bles work, in­clud­ing ex­am­ples like this:

| header                          |
|          |    tr                |
+  tl      +------------+---------+
|          |    c       |  br     |
+----------+------------+         +
|           bl          |         |

Which gen­er­ates nice­ly on PDF now. See it

The bad side is that it's now not a sin­gle file any­more, so I am need­ing a place to host SVN and what­ev­er, be­cause it's turn­ing in­to a re­al projec­t... and google­code does­n't let me start more stuff.

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