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2003-09-22 20:13

py2html trial

In the python listing at the end of the article, I applied py2html so it would get syntax highlighting.

In mozilla it looks ok, in Konqueror it flows over the box.

I wonder if that's how it's supposed to work and it only looks well in Mozilla by accident.

2003-09-21 17:28

Why python is nice

Nice post at, about why python makes good programming easier, or at least not harder.

2003-03-26 21:52

Moving to SQLite

The python shelve module is too limiting for the database needs of KRsN, so I'm moving it to SQLite and PySQLite.

While this adds another dependency, it's a small one, and the coding becomes way simpler. So, I'm doing it, because fighting against the tools is foolish, and shelve was not doing it without a fight :-)

2003-03-24 21:28

KRsN now available

Sadly, not a really usable version, but I got sidetracked by PyKDE and KFTE first. KRsN really needs just a couple of days loving.

So, if you REALLY REALLY want to try it, get >PyQt for Qt 3.1 working, and then head for KRsN's sourceforge page, and get it via CVS

You will also need Strip-o-Gram,

Flaws right now:

  • The feed list doesn't update right
  • It doesn't tell read from unread
  • New items replace older ones instead of appending to them
  • New feed adding is slower than it should
  • Sometimes, it gets REAL busy on startup
Please report bugs, feature requests, etc. You can even subscribe to a RSS feed about KRsN!

2003-03-16 18:54


Well, just uploaded my hacked KDE 3.1 version of PyKDE to so it should propagate to the KDE mirrors soon.

It seems to work well, even if it doesn't expose ALL the KDE 3.1 API, and it should be useful as a stopgap until the authors release the real thing.

You can see a screenshot of it here

2003-03-14 20:33


Well, just because I want to use KHTML in KRsN, I got the latest PyKDE. It says it is for KDE up to 3.0.3 ...

Well, with very minimal hacking (deleting two lines in KFontDialog's sip file) and a couple of shoves at the, it seems to be compiling allright on KDE 3.1.

Oh, sure, it won't expose the new pieces of API in KDE 3.1, but who cares? It will work. I suppose I will post it somewhere as soon as it does.

2003-03-08 23:29

What I am writing

Well, if you are one of the 6 who actually checked the link in the previous entry, you will know I am writing a news aggregator ;-)

It is progressing quickly. Now it is almost a real application, and only 3 or 4 important features are still missing.

The only thing I wish is that there was a KDE 3.1 python binding, since I would need it to use KHTML :-(

Qt's QTextBrowser is nice, but it is not a HTML rendering engine, and it would give it a nice integrated feel. Ok, eventually PyKDE 3.1 will come out, I suppose :-)

PS: if you follow the Pictures link on the left side, you can see a new screenshot!

2003-03-06 22:17

PyQt is incredible

Just that. Click in the title for details and a screenshot.

2003-02-28 15:47

In the beginning

Well, I have been wanting to have a weblog for a while, specially since I got a permanent Internet connection at home.

After reviewing some of the freely available tools, PyCS/PyDS really look like the best combination. They are simple, yet powerful. I could even set a personal server to try stuff, and there's free space at What else could I ask for?

Even further, I think the structure and APIs are nice, so I may try hacking a quickie Qt app for it, since I also want to try the PyQt bindings and the eric3 IDE...

2001-03-26 14:15

Advogato post for 2001-03-26 14:15:58

Well, 6 months without posting an entry.

I must confess I was pretty pissed at some people around here at the time (note to self: maybe putting my real email address here is not such a good idea. Some people are really scary).

I have been a nullity when it comes to coding, I have declared KRN dead (and since support for KDE 1.x is waning, that's a good thing :-P)

However, I have had some recent events that make me think I may still have an app inside me trying to get out. More news on that tomorrow, hopefully.

I certified Taj (didn't knew you had a diary here, friend!) as master, because, of course, he is one.

After reading his diary, I chuckle remembering how I introduced him to python ;-)

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