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Bash does thing I never suspected.

Try this and be amazed:

$ cat < /dev/tcp/
220 ESMTP 12si345086nzn

Be hon­est: did you know bash could do that? I did­n't un­til find­ing it in the man page

Now try this and be amazed it does­n't work (yes, it's in the doc­s):

$ cat /dev/tcp/
cat: /dev/tcp/ No such file or directory

And re­mem­ber, on unix ev­ery­thing is a file, but maybe that file is on­ly there in some very spe­cif­ic cir­cun­stances.

UP­DATE: There is a chance this will not work in your dis­tro, specif­i­cal­ly De­bian.

Windows: my eXPerience

Can you be a com­put­er con­sul­tant and gen­er­al­ly a com­put­er guy with­out ev­er in­stalling win­dows?

I man­aged for over 12 years... un­til this week.

Coming soon...

I have man­aged to cre­ate the most bizarre way to write a spread­sheet en­gine in Python.

I still need to pol­ish some things, but here are the high­light­s:

  • Your for­­mu­las com­pile to C

  • C is in­­­lined us­ing In­­s­tant

Yes, that means you ed­it a cell in the GUI and you need to wait un­til gcc com­piles the thing.

Is it go­ing to be use­ful? Prob­a­bly not. Is it cool? I say yeah.

I will pol­ish it some­what, cre­ate a sttan­dalone en­gine, and show it here.

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