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2007-03-28 17:28

Son of bartleblog 5: Menus

Added a Yahoo! Ui menubar generator. It turns this:


Into this:


Or this if you are using links:


Or rather into this, which explains why it's necessary (consider this is a very simple menu!):

System Message: ERROR/3 (<string>, line 30)

Cannot find pygments lexer for language "HyperText"

.. code-block:: HyperText

    <script type="text/javascript">
    YAHOO.example.onMenuBarReady = function(p_oEvent)
        // Instantiate and render the menu bar

        var oMenuBar = new YAHOO.widget.MenuBar("None",
            {   autosubmenudisplay:true,


    // Initialize and render the menu bar when it is available in the DOM
    YAHOO.util.Event.onContentReady("None", YAHOO.example.onMenuBarReady);
            <div id="None" class="yuimenubar">
                <div class="bd">
                    <ul class="first-of-type">
                        <li class="yuimenubaritem first-of-type">a </li>
                        <li class="yuimenubaritem">b</li>
                        <li class="yuimenubaritem"> c
                            <div id="c" class="yuimenu">
                                <div class="bd">
                                        <li class="yuimenuitem"> 1</li>
                                        <li class="yuimenuitem"> 2
                                            <div id=" 2" class="yuimenu">
                                                <div class="bd">
                                                    <ul class="first-of-type">
                                        <li class="yuimenuitem">  x</li>
                                        <li class="yuimenuitem">  y</li>
                        <li class="yuimenubaritem">d</li>

Still some missing features, but a neat thingie already.

2007-03-27 12:49

Son of Bartleblog IV

Another morning, another feature: archive


Now I'm working on the image tool, importing PyDS's images and uploading to flickr, etc.

2007-03-26 18:28

Son of Bartleblog III

A couple more hours of hacking, and the templates are all new, and more functional then ever.


I am making heavy use of Yahoo's UI library, which makes lots of things much simpler:

  • Layout using Yahoo Grids

    I spent hours making the layout you see now, and the one with Grids works better and was done in minutes. Avoid reinventing the wheel works for webpages, too.

  • Calendar using Yahoo Calendar

    Isn't it neat? And it works, too. Since the linking is handled by javascript I may make it so it loads the posts for a month without reloading the page.

  • Styling using their reset.css stylesheet.

    That stylesheet removes all styling from your page. That way, if there's something there, you put it.

    I used that, added a slightly simplified stylesheet based on Firefox's default, Restructured Text's and Silvercity's, and all the customizing I needed to do to achieve a simple but functional layout were 30 lines of CSS, compared to the rather monstrous pyds.css my blog currently uses.

  • Modular thingies.

    I turned all Technorati/HaloScan/FeedBurner/Talkr thingies into macros that take as configuration your personal data (for example, HaloScan ID) and if necessary a post.

If the styling was a little more done and a few bugs were ironed, I may even start uploading the site using bartleblog instead of PyDS soon :-)

2007-03-24 09:16

A little project, son of BartleBlog

I have been posting this blog using PyDS for over 4 years now. Sadly, the PyDS author seems to have abandoned it. Which is sad, because it's nifty software.

However, keeping it working is getting harder every year, and I don't expect to be able to do it soon.

Also, the data is in a Metakit database, which is the most annoying DB ever (no real schema! columnar instead of record oriented! gouge my eyes with a breadstick!)

So, since I have all the data, and my blogging needs are modest, and no tool does exactly what I want, I decided to write my own.

I could make it a web app, maybe using TurboGears, but what the heck, I haven't done a decent GUI app in ... ok, arguably, I never have done a decent one, and my PyQt4 needs some work, and I am kinda in a groove for actually finishing things lately (I am rather proud of RaSPF).

And I have a neat name (BartleBlog) reserved from another aborted app.

So, here's the mandatory screenshot after a couple hours hacking:


And here are the goals:

  • Generate static pages, so it can be used by anyone with a little web space (I am a gipsy)
  • Simple templating (Using cherrytemplate right now, but should be modular)
  • Restructured Text as input mechanism (again, modular)
  • Good support for code snippets
  • Should support static pages (like the ones I have in the Stories link)
  • Integrate with Flickr for images
  • Integrate "chunks" in the templating, where you can do things like setting the right Haloscan comment/trackback links easily
  • Simple category mechanism, with a regexp-based autotagger without creating per-category copies of everything.
  • RSS feed generation, global and per-category.
  • A way to import all my PyDS blog (and maybe my older advogato things)
  • Use sqlite and SQLObject for sane storage.

So far, it's doing some things, I can import, edit, save (by instant application, there is no "save" here).

I can't yet generate the site, or create a new post, and it should take months to make it useful, but let's see how it goes.

2003-10-15 01:00

Advogato post for 2003-10-15 01:00:42

Now, if this appears in the site, bartleblog has advogato support..

And you, readers, if you want a slow, not fully functional PyQt based advogato (and other blogs) editor, then you can use it too, just search for bartleblog in

Now, if I implemented caching, and correct date formatting, and a decent HTML editing interface, this could even be a decent app.

2003-10-06 16:56

Bartleblog now in

So, the link below will disappear in a minute or two. Right now, you can get it via CVS.

2003-10-05 17:57

Bartleblog 0.0.1

I got a few mails asking to see Bartleblog... well, if you have a working PyQt, and a working PyDS (advogato support is totally broken right now), and you have a good backup of your blog, then you may try to get it from here (Use CVS)

It is just not useful for a normal blogger right now.

I hope the nice guys at don't mind me posting it here (it's smaller than some of the dynamic HTML pages ;-)

In a couple of days I will move it to, as soon as I get the project approved.

2003-10-05 17:34

klog == bartleblog

I wonder if bartlebog is a good name. It sure is better than klog, and I like XIXth century lit references.

I also suspect almost noone will get it, and that it just can't be pronounced ;-)

I wanted it to be bartleby, but there is some tool using that name in sourceforge.

On other issues: it's HOT here!.

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