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2004-02-23 18:39

More on free software on Argentina's government

On this morning's newspaper. So I am ahead of the curve by about 48 hours. That's not much :-)

Interesting: it seems Windows was mandatory in official usage. Weird, since I have seen hundreds of Linux servers on official usage :-)

2004-02-15 19:15

Linux in the government in Argentina

This is something I have not read about much so:

Well, I teach Linux courses for several companies. In the last year or so, almost every course has one or two or five students coming from the IT area of some government office or another.

That includes local and national government, by the way.

Some of them are already on deployment stages on servers, a few even on desktops.

Here's what I know about this stuff:

  • There's no master plan. Every little place is doing its own thing, all in the same direction. That sucks a bit.
  • They are going to be in trouble. Lack of planning means people suddenly find their desktop is now Linux, for instance :-). That's not going to be too nice.
  • They will do it anyway: The governemnt can't buy a dead rat at a sale, much less MS Office
  • Being a semi-known Linux consultant around here is going to be interesting in 2004
  • Some people are peddling Linux and are clueless. Others are clued-in, but they are not the ones getting the boss's ears.
  • If you are in gov. IT, you gonna have to learn Linux quick.
  • Xandros is making a big push here: it seems some of the development for it is local (they are overselling the local share, though, but this is government, that was to be expected).
  • Red Hat and SuSE are not selling themselves too well in that area
  • Lots of stuff is happening, in the quiet. For example, it seems that several provincial Education Ministries are shipping all new computers to schools with Linux in it. Of course they probably get reformatted in 48 hours.
  • Most servers, specially mail/web/file servers should be switched to Linux before 2006 (this is mostly a guess)
  • Expect MS to offer a busload of free licenses to the government soon (a guess, too, but want to bet?)

2004-02-12 22:50

What´s going on

Been busy. Work is back in full throttle, so time for coding and blogging is low.

Hopefully, I will earn enough in the coming month to take it easy in march, then go crazy in april and so on.

This blog has been much more fun than I expected and I want to thank the guys at pyds for hosting it for free, they provide excelent service :-)

Life is good. I have been playing with a flyvideo2000 I will install for a client: sweet TV board. I think I will buy myself one.

  • It works with linux (after some learning, which is good, too)
  • MythTV turns it into a lovely recorder, TV, etc, except you need internet for it to work at all (or else it doesn´t get a channel list!).
  • For a few dollars I get another TV and VCR, which I don´t need but is cool anyway
  • With a little effort and some cool free code, it can monitor surveillance cameras, saving a client of mine from buying a digital recorder... and giving me some more money :-)
  • It has a remote that is supported by lirc (haven´t made it work yet) so I am supposed to be able to remotely control mplayer/kaffeine/whatever (even when not playing TV :-)

So, all in all, fun stuff.

The only bad piece is, I haven´t coded much (or at all), but I will get to it on due time.

2004-01-15 13:53

SCO just tried to hire me!

Ok, not SCO, but Exo Training.

You see, I teach Linux courses for a couple of companies (steady job, bad pay, but steady, you meet people), and we use the Exo Training facilities.

Well, one of the guys there contacted me to see if I was capable of teaching the SCO courses.

I said no, of course, but hell, doesn't it surprise anyone that there are still such things as:

  • SCO LINUX System Administration
  • SCO LINUX Network Infrastructure
  • SCO LINUX Network Services
  • SCO LINUX Enterprise Administration
  • SCO LINUX Enterprise Security

And these are offered right now!

2004-01-12 19:51

Novell-Ximian-Suse´s future

Lots of people, when they heard of this merger, started thinking like this:

Ok, so Novell bought Ximian. Ximian is a GNOME company. They also bought Suse. Suse is a distro. Ergo, Suse will become a Ximian-oriented distro.

Well, that makes some sense. But they seem to be forgetting of a change that should happen much sooner, because it:

  1. Is easier to do
  2. Makes more sense
  3. Costs less money

What change? Well, the changes that Ximian will have to face for now being part of a company that owns a dsitro!

Let´s look at Ximian´s products:

  • Ximian connector: I don´t see this changing, except for they adding a groupwise connector.
  • Evolution: I can see Novell pushing Evolution as a Groupwise client, for example. So, this has some legs. I don´t see it becoming a major revenue source for Novell, though, so it´s not going to get a large push.
  • Gnumeric: I see an axe in its future. Novell is not in the spreadsheet business. They owned Quattro Pro once, didn´t they?
  • Red Carpet. I have heard Novell really wanted this. They have ZenWorks, I suppose some integration is in order, and this will be productized. However, I don´t think Novell will want to push it as a software distribution mechanism for their competition, at least not while it´s free. If they did, Novell will be giving away what they bought. My guess? It will lose support for Red Hat, and will become more and more proprietary as time passes.
  • Ximian setup tools: I am doubting between the axe and proprietary lockdown. Why would Novell want to support configuration tools for their competition? On the other hand, YaST is better for their own product, so why keep this at all?
  • Mono: I can see they wanting this for their own tool development, and to make a push into the development tool market, but Novell has really no foothold there. So, while they will keep itr and push it, it´s not exactly a guaranteed success (then again, nothing is).
  • Ximian Gnome: I have no idea.

Also, polishing the crystall ball a little, if Novell has some cashflow problems in the next year, they will focus harder in what they really care about.

My guess is setup tools will become SuSE-only or SuSE-first, Red Carpet will be absorbed or rebranded into ZenWorks or something, Mono will be marketed as .NET platfor for Linux as soon as they get Forms working, the rest will be "liberated" fedora-style.

Now, let´s put a reminder to read this again in 2005 ;-)

2004-01-05 19:01

Using linux without the CLI (Newsforge)

Nice article by Robin Miller at Newsforge.

I agree with most of it, except for one thing.

The author says "I always considered the "scratch your own itch" hacker ethos an essentially masturbatory thing. It would be like me writing articles I want to read instead of articles I think you want to read."

Well, Robin, articles and code are extremely different things. For one thing, articles are 100% useles for the author, unless someone else reads them, whicle code can be 100% useful for the author even if noone else has tried it.

I would say it´s like comparing apples and oranges, except... well, both are fruits and we compare them whenever we choose what fruit to buy. This is a less comparable pair.

For example, I am probably the only user of KRsN in the world. But it is useful for me. It saves me almost an hour a day, so I wrote it.

On the other hand, I will contradict myself: articles almost noone reads (like this one ;-) are useful for shaping one´s mind, although that´s not a frequent goal.

On the gripping hand[1], masturbation is good, dude. Don´t slam it unless you have never done it. And if you have never done it, don´t slam what you don´t know ;-)

In fact, programming because it itches is... well, it´s like scratching. It may even be bad for you, but don´t tell me it doesn´t feel good.

[1] One geek credit to the one who catches the reference.

2003-12-11 19:38

Listen to me!

Ok, noone will bother, but you can listen to me speaking about KDE in a Linux event last year, in Ogg Format, in spanish.

I just ran into this by googling for my name :-)

It is the first time I like the way my voice sounds in a recording, too.

2003-12-01 13:01

Playing with Flonix

A Linux distro in my USB keychain. I will do a writeup on it in a day or two, probably, since the plan to work less is working (tuesdays and thursdays off already :-)

2003-10-09 22:43

Trick question!

Just to see if anyone can figure this out:

How do you install Linux on a box with the following handicaps:

  • No ethernet (or token ring or arcnet, etc)
  • No CD (or DVD)
  • A pcmcia floppy that has no Linux driver
  • No other OS installed
  • You can't add any hardware
  • You can't move the HD to another box or open the box at all.
  • It must be a real distro, like Red Hat, SuSE or Debian, not a toy or floppy distro.
  • Available hardware in the box: keyboard, mouse, serial port, parallel port, monitor, a toshiba libretto floppy drive (assume it doesn't work with linux, yes, I know there's a "driver", if you can make it work, I want a copy ;-)
  • Use of another PC with whatever software or hardware you want is allowed, except the software must all be Linux (no DOS floppies or stuff like that)
  • Any cables you want can be used.
  • Any media you want can be used for the install.

I will give the answer in a week, hopefully someone will answer first.

Yes, it can be done. In fact, I have already done it, a while ago (see the "Small Linux" article in ths very site)

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