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2003-09-22 14:47

Look at these cameras

They are regular PAL TV cameras, 704x576, and that is a regular CD.

I am developing a security camera solution based on Linux and motion, and well, the gadgets are just too nifty :-)

One of those is infrared and can shoot in the dark. It even has LEDs to illuminate (in infrared, so you can't see).

Paranoids must hate technology nowadays!

2003-03-22 11:37

Some programming

I just committed changes that make KFTE work on KDE 3.1

For anyone who likes FTE, a traditional programmer's editor from OS/2 (and DOS, and Mac, and X, and linux console, and pretty much everywhere :-), this version provides a pure Qt and a KDE version.

While KFTE will probably never become a full KDE application (it doesn't support standard shortcuts, for example), it is a cool editor, and one you can use everywhere.

Right now, the way to get it is through KDE's CVS, module kfte, instructions for KDE's current sources here

2003-03-09 10:55

SCO is dead. Long live Intergraph II!

SCO is becoming Intergraph.

For those who don't know it, Intergraph was once a workstation maker.Last year they had 10M in business income. And 385M in lawsuit income.

Basically the company sits in a few patents, does nothing, and milks everyone else (not that it's illegal to do so).

And why I say SCO is becoming intergraph?

Let's look at the possible income sources for SCO, shall we?

  1. SCO OpenServer and UnixWARE: pretty much just upgrading old servers. That is not going to pay for R&D for new versions, and then this dries up, because no new version == no upgrades == no income. Unless of course, this gets subsidies from somewhere else.
  2. Caldera Linux == If this suit killed something, this is what got whacked
  3. Licensing of IP, either friendly or forceful a.k.a the Intergraph path
  4. There is no d!

And about c)... who is going to license the UNIX stuff from SCO anymore? This suit means if you do it, you can NEVER AGAIN develop a unix system or a linux system, or SCO will sue your ass. To do that to get a technology that is not too much better than FreeBSD... it makes no sense. Specially considering there will be no R&D on it anymore (see a).

The only ones with UNIX licenses wil be those who got them from AT&T, and they don't pay a dime to SCO. BTW: this basically means Sun, since HP-UX and IRIX and the rest is on their death bed anyway (and AIX... well, just think about it ;-).

So c), the only visible income source for SCO becomes "We will sue people, and live on what we get out of settlements".

Because SCO can't even do a GOOD Intergraph and actually win the lawsuits. Not this one, and not against IBM, at least, and they don't have a good patent portfolio!

Tu put it another way, SCO will become a bully that will try to look impressive and steal milk money from smaller companies. That is, they will, if IBM lets them.

If IBM caves in and settles, SCO will look impressive enough for this to work. Which is why I hope IBM beats the crap out of them, just to make SCO have to work to earn an honest buck.

2001-06-14 16:51

Advogato post for 2001-06-14 16:51:52

Well, posted a little rant^W article here, checked the diaries of some buddies (Taj, Borges is cool, and noone will laugh at you for reading it. It just shows you are a nerd with taste ;-).

Got a new job, went to a linux event, and so on and so forth.

I even wrote a diary entry!

2000-08-02 14:06

Advogato post for 2000-08-02 14:06:01

Wow, I'm tired :-P

Gave a "lecture" last night at the UP (Universidad de Palermo), the usual "Introduction to Linux" one.

Things were not as smooth as one would want, though.

First, I broke kpresenter, and (dumb) had no staroffice version of the slides. I could have rewritten them right there... if I had a monitor!

Then we got there, and instead of the usual largish classroom, there we were, in a freaking theater :-)

We were moved, because the signed-in exceeded the classroom's capacity! So: 160 seats. Stage. Podium. Mandatory mic. 80 people in attendance (give or take 10).

And the computer lodged in a projection room, 20 meters away from me, and one floor higher!

So, I wouldn't have been able to control the slides anyway, because this place needs two to make the speech/slide thing work right.

The actual speaking was not too bad, I think, although without the help of the slides I tend to get more disorganized. I forgot to mention a couple of things, too.

And since the computer was unusable, I could not show the system in action, so it turned out to be some 15 minutes shorter than expected.

The questions section was ok-ish. Not too long, but those who asked seemed clueful, and the questions were fairly interesting.

One funny thing: apparently some assisted because they believed it was about something else. Almost noone left, though, and one of the organizers said someone said "I wanted something else, but now I know what linux is" ;-)

2000-07-25 21:10

Advogato post for 2000-07-25 21:10:58

I'm teaching a course on Linux Network Administration to trainers who will later teach it in Conectiva training centers. It's coming out nicely.

I had trouble doing it the first time I had to, but that's par for the course for me, I usually suck at doing ANYTHING for the first time.

The "jornada Linux" in Rosario is close, so I better start cranking slides. Also some presentations on universities are coming, which are fun.

And well, not much else, really.

2000-06-07 16:06

Advogato post for 2000-06-07 16:06:01

Well, this should be yesterday's entry.

I've started work on a frontend for maildrop. The state of mail filtering in linux today is kinda shameful.

The default software for this is procmail, which is IMHO not very well done.

So, perhaps if I put some added value in maildrop, people will drop procmail ;-)

2000-04-10 12:21

Advogato post for 2000-04-10 12:21:42

Long time without an entry. Way too long.

Of course, I have a good excuse, I was too busy actually having a life, to have time to write about that life.

Ok, current status: I have done no free software programming in the last 2 or three weeks, basically for the reason given above.

Work: I now work for a Linux company, which pays me roughly an order of magnitude more money than my previous employer, even though because of reasons given below, I now OWE much more money than I did a few weeks ago.

Personal life: I now live in Buenos Aires, which is, for those of you who are not well versed in geography, the gatway to hell, masquerading as a large cosmopolitan city at the shores of the world's widest river (even if geographers say it's not REALLY a river). My previous city was Santa Fe, which was about 20 times smaller. I still don't have an appartment, but that should change tomorrow, because, among other things, if it doesn't change, I will have to borrow MORE money to stay in the hotel.

Then, of course, is the small problem of how does one live without any furniture, which I won't be able to afford for aAT LEAST a month :-)

And that's why I owe money now: from a susistence economy, where I lived on $4 a day, I am now spending roughly $70 a day, living in a hotel, and eating in restaurants.

Love: well, I now live 550km away from it. That's going to be tough, and I don't have much hope of it surviving. That sucks too much to think about.

2000-03-12 02:34

Advogato post for 2000-03-12 02:34:33

I'm going to make a rushed trip to Buenos Aires because I have not one but two offers for fulltime linux jobs.

Believe it or not, I will spend my last $100 doing the trip, so one of them better be mine ;-) after that, it's red ink until the end of the month.

The iOpener thing is just too cool. I would buy one. If I were in the US and I had $99. Ok, I have the $99, but look at the previous paragraph ;-)

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