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Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies

Cover for Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies


Very in­ter­est­ing book, an orig­i­nal mag­ic sys­tem. Re­al­ly liked it.

The Bones of Valhalla (Purge of Babylon, #9)

Cover for The Bones of Valhalla (Purge of Babylon, #9)


Fi­nal­ly it's over. This se­ries start­ed fast and pulpy, and end­ed both rushed (after 9 boook­s! The whole plan, fi­nal bat­tle, etc was in book 9!) and twid­dling its thumb­s, end­less­ly chat­ter­ing and ran­dom­ly killing char­ac­ters we had not heard about for a cou­ple of book­s, while oth­ers were kept aside for the sure­ly forth­com­ing se­quel­s.

So, it's not a bad se­ries, but it peaks maybe in book 2 or 3.

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