That Box

Everyone has that box, full of mistery USB cables, broken headphones, a mechanical mouse, printer cable and more USB cables. EVERYONE.


I answered "I threw it away last friday". But that was a lie. I actually put everything in a bag, and had not thrown it away yet.

So here it is:

An now it's really gone. Including:

  • Mini CDs with copies of the USB mass storage driver for windows (5)
  • Parallel printer cable (2)
  • Business cards of people I don't remember (12)
  • Keys to a house that's not mine (1)
  • Cigarette holder (1)
  • Paper to do cigarettes (1 pack, "El Ombú" brand) (No, I don't smoke)
  • Hard drives (3, total a bit below 4GB)
  • CD reader (not writer) (1)
  • RS-232 Serial cables (2)
  • Mechanical keyboards (1, sticky)
  • Artificial sweetener (4 packages)
  • Mechanical mice (2)
  • Leather case for Palm Pilot (1)
  • Battery for a notebook I don't have anymore (1)
  • AA batteries (3)
  • IDE/PATA cables (2)
  • Unrecognizable rubberstamp (1)
  • Blockbuster credential (1)

And there was one thing I did not throw away. That's for some other day.


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