My very own Roger Ebert anecdote

It was around the time "The Blair Witch Project" was a thing so it must have been in 1999 or 2000, that when I was reading Roger Ebert's "Movie Answer Man" column, I thought, hey, I may have something to say about this.

I emailed him about how the "found footage" genre was old, citing 1980's Cannibal Holocaust, and even going back to Edgar Allan Poe's "Arthur Gordon Pym" which is (of course) a found manuscript. We exchanged a few emails, he was always thoughtful, polite, willing to have a nice conversation. He eventually asked about what was the best possible time to visit Buenos Aires, I said spring or fall, suggested that he may be interested in attending BAFICI, and eventually it petered out.

So, not much as anecdotes go, but it made me realize I had been reading his reviews and articles (and later his blog and his twitter feed) for over 15 years.

I remember seeing him do a cameo in a lame TV show (the one with the guy that has a magical dog that brings him tomorrow's newspaper or something), and thinking, hey, I know that guy, sort of.

Now that he's dead, it seems he was, for everyone, the same he was for me, gracious, friendly, interesting.

He was the kind of guy who wrote reviews for Deep Throat and co-authored a Russ Meyer movie, and was always ready to say that a movie was crap yet good crap because there are degrees of crap, and you have to take crap in its own terms.

I'll miss the guy.


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