A Year With My Kindle

I got my first Kin­dle a year ago. I quick­ly re­placed it with my cur­rent and sec­ond kindle, a Kin­dle Touch.

So, how well has it worked? Pret­ty damn well. I am a fair­ly heavy user, I think, and the Kin­dle has trav­eled quite a bit, in bags, suit­cas­es and car­go pock­et­s. The on­ly care I ­take is to use a leather cov­er when out­side the house.

I have read, ac­cord­ing to goodread­s.­com, some­what over 17000 pages in this year, in 61 book­s. That’ a lot of pages. And if you look at the gad­get now, it still looks brand new. No scratch­es, ev­ery­thing op­er­ates cor­rect­ly, even the bat­tery still holds the charge fine even if it’s down to about two weeks per charge in­stead of al­most three.

I still miss the old­er kindle’s page-­turn­ing but­ton­s. Us­ing a touch­screen to turn pages is id­i­ot­ic. but hey, it work­s, and I can still do it one-hand­ed (yay for huge-­hand boy here!)

The on­ly things I don’t quite like are the same ones as when I bought it.

  • The page has too lit­tle con­trast when not ide­al­ly light­ed.
  • You can’t read in the dark.

Since the new pa­per­white fix­es both of those, I am get­ting one. I have al­ready sol­d this one, and the dif­fer­ence is not a lot, so it’s a very cheap up­grade.

Quite hap­py about Ama­zon’s abil­i­ty to not suck at giv­ing me goods in ex­change for ­money, too! It’s rare that I want a book and it’s not out there in Kin­dle for­mat (still wait­ing for Evan Dara’s Easy Chain!)

So, no un­ex­pect­ed is­sues, has brought a lot of fun, was cheap­… that’s the def­i­ni­tion of gad­get par­adise to me.


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