I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.

am very distracted when I walk down the street. Or rather, I am paying a lot of attention, but it's spread over a whole lot of different things.

Her name is Faith Popcorn. Seen on Mar del Plata.

My favourite, since I am a compulsive reader, is reading street signs. There is always something off about signs in a foreign country. They are either about things other countries don't care about, or are written in a completely different style.


Fixed hair braiding prices in Bahamas

And sometimes you run into things you just have never seen before. Those things can be found anywhere, and can be anything, since ... well, you have never seen them before.


And now, a hydrant wearing a sweater in Budapest.

It doesn't have to be something really strange, it may just be something you have not seen before by chance.


Street sweepers get OCD too. Seen on San Isidro.

Or maybe you just figure something out right there and then.


So that's why sugar cubes are better. Seen in Budapest.

Or ... you don't know what to say.


Seen at Tigre. I have no idea.

Or things you don't have where you come from.


Blimp! Seen in London.

Or they are just so polite to ask.


Or you don't understand at first.


How did that kid get there?

And then you do.


It's a trick fountain! Seen in Budapest.

Or maybe it's something you see every day, out of context.


A typical argentinian milanesa sandwich. Bought on the street in Budapest.


A DIA% supermarket, like the one near my home. In Istanbul.

And sometimes it's something you never suspected even existed, or how it could exist.


This is a chapter in a turkish book. It takes place at my wedding.

Or out of context.


Seen around the corner of my house.

Or alien.


Hotel towel, seen in Orlando, Florida.



Yes, I did get a haircut. Seen in London.



Ferry in Istanbul



True TV Remote seen in a hotel in Avenida de Mayo, Buenos Aires, in 2004.

this, except for that TV remote, is just a small sample of what I have seen in the last 12 months. These have been a really cool 12 months.


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