People believe anything on the Internet.

I just saw this on a place I won't bother linking:

This october has 5 fridays, 5 saturdays and 5 sundays. This happens only every 823 years. And I am grounded all month!

Really, it's not worth linking to because it's everywhere

There are variations, of course, 5 sunday/monday/tuesdays, different months, etc.

But why are people falling for that? I mean, it's pretty obvious if you think 2 minutes that there's no way it can be true!

  1. The length of october is fixed (31 days).
  2. Since weeks are 7 days, you have 4 weeks + 3 days in october.
  3. If october starts on a friday, those last three days are going to be friday/saturday/sunday.

So, for this thing to be true, October 1st would have to be a friday only once every 823 years. Sounds pretty stupid when you say it that way, right?

I really have no idea how anyone with half a brain can fall for it, but I have seen people I know have a functional cortex do it. Comments encouraged :-)


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