Some people have no sense of scale

I am writing a book about python (in spanish), and it says this:


The arguments about how to write a technical book in spanish are eternal. That in Spain everything is translated. That in Argentina it isn't. That saying "cadena de caracteres" instead of string is bad for the environment.

Fortunately in this book we follow a better method that I hope other books adopt: it's writte like I write. Not even a little bit different. I don't think it even qualifies as spanish, maybe it's written in argentinian. If the readers of our former motherland are bothered by the style... they can translate it.

So today I got this message (sender anonymized because I don't do that):

I was reading your tutorial until I got to the paragraph where you complain or seem to be bothered that in Spain we translate everything and in Argentina nothing. Well, as a reader from the former motherland tell you [sic] that we like writing in our language and that not only am I not going to bother translating from argentinian to spanish, but that I am not even going to read your horrible argentinglish. One favor, learn english well and stop mistreating the old spanish language. You know: an argentinian is an italian that speaks spanish (or so they say) and thinks he is english!. Find yourself a psychoterapist of those you seem to have so much and see if you can overcome your inferiority complex and stop hating so much.

I answered in adequately insulting tone, just wanted to share the fact that there are people actively bothered by people not writing a book the way they like to the point of insulting a whole country. Fun!


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