2009-10-20 21:31

Simple KDE Trick #2: using remote desktops with avahi, krfb and krdc

Most people nowadays have more than one computer. Often, you are using one, and would like to do something in another. In this video, I will explain how trivial it is to do that without leaving your seat in a modern Linux using KDE.

We will use the following:

  • Avahi, a zeroconf implementation to let you find your computers in your network without worrying about IP addresses, DNS, etc.
  • krfb, the KDE Remote Frame Buffer. This is a program to share your desktop over the network.
  • krdc, the KDE Remote Desktop Client, a VNC, RDP client, which is what you use to see a desktop shared via krfb.

I am sure users of other operating systems or desktop environments will say they can do it just as easily. In that case, feel free to do your own videos ;-)

Keep in mind that accessing remote desktops over the internet is a whole different beast, and this solution is not meant for that case.

As usual, this video was recorded using qt-recordmydesktop. There was minor editing using mencoder.

The computer used is the original Asus eee PC 701 4G, so you can see this is not exactly a hardware-intensive operation. I find the eee's small screen is great for this kind of full-screen demo, because it's not big enough to drown the important parts.


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