2008-10-09 21:54

Reading: goodreads.com

If you read this blog on the website (and you do, because my feed is garbage ;-) you may have noticed a goodreads.com widget on the right.

It's not that my reading habits are interesting to anyone, since I have become a very shallow reader in the last two years or so (a terrible, terrible involution caused by all the free scifi ebooks floating around), but I love that site. In the past I posted some book-related stuff here, but it was always sort of guilty about it, posting things my readers (few as they are) probably don't give a damn about.

With goodreads, I have a way to vent my shallow opinion about my shallow readings. I need the same thing for movies.

Also, it's a much more reasonable thing than all that "now listening" idea. Who care what you are listening? It lasts for 3 minutes! A book is something you have in your head for at least a couple of days! It is so much more meaningful.


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