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Y U So Serious?

Hel­lo? I am the guy that posts about twin ba­nanas!

Since I de­cid­ed to stop be­ing a troll (I am try­ing!) I no­ticed that peo­ple take what I write waaaaay too se­ri­ous­ly. This post is a gen­tle re­minder that I have post­ed more about sil­ly stuff than about se­ri­ous stuff. MUCH more.

So, if you ev­er find your­self think­ing "Hey, Rober­to seems to be mak­ing an in­ter­est­ing point", first think about the twin ba­nanas. If what I wrote still looks in­ter­est­ing, pro­ceed.

Anonymous Coward / 2012-07-17 17:35:

> I noticed that people
take what I write waaaaay too seriously.

I believe you shouln't rule out the following:

Why are you so certain that we are not out-trolling you?


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