2013-09-16 20:22

Trivial Nikola Deployment Using Pancake.io and Backlift

So, you want to publish a site and want to do it now? As in, really right now? And for free? And you are a Nikola user.

If you are a Dropbox user, open an account at Pancake.io Then set your OUTPUT_DIR to something like /home/yourname/Dropbox/Apps/Pancake.io and build. That's it. No deploy step.

Or open an account at Backlift and set OUTPUT_DIR to /home/yourname/Dropbox/Backlift/foo where foo is your site's name as configured in Backlift. Build. No deploy step.

Or open an account on DropPages.com or KISSr or Site44.com or just use a Dropbox public folder.

Each of these services has advantages and disadvantages, from lame URLs to costing money, but hey, for a quick thing they are cool. You can always upgrade to the real thing later.


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