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This is Not Math

My niece goes to school. She has home­work. Ev­ery now and then, her mom and great­mom will not be able to help her. I am sort of the math helper of last re­sort in the fam­i­ly. So, the oth­er day I got this ques­tion:

What is the next number on this series:

2, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19

I just could not come up with an answer at the time. I have been told the answer is 200. Why? Because it's a list of numbers starting with "d".

Oh, you may say two does­n't start with "d" but hey, this was in span­ish, so it does. The prob­lem is, this is just not math­e­mat­ic­s, at al­l.

It's about a com­plete­ly in­ci­den­tal fea­ture of the rep­re­sen­ta­tion of a num­ber in span­ish, which is a com­plete­ly un­math­e­mat­i­cal thing. Makes me won­der why they are mak­ing stu­dents think about this. Any­one knows?


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