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The end of

This site has been lat­er­al.pyc­, lat­er­al.­fib­er­tel.­, lat­er­al.blogsite.­com, and has been, for sev­er­al years, ralsi­

Well, I am slow­ly go­ing to dep­re­cate that URL, and the new URL will be //ralsi­ where you al­ready can find it since a few months ago.

It will in­volve some work mov­ing com­ments around and such, but noth­ing much should change, all old links should re­main valid, and all com­ments should stay at­tached to the right post.

I will con­tact the var­i­ous plan­ets that ag­gre­gate it, but since the feed will re­main con­stant thanks to feed­burn­er, I ex­pect not to lose any­one in tran­si­tion.

Santiago Rojo / 2012-08-27 02:02:

Y cual sería el nuevo feed (en español) del sitio o sigo con el de feedburner?

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