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That Box

Ev­ery­one has that box, full of mis­tery USB ca­bles, bro­ken head­phones, a me­chan­i­cal mouse, print­er ca­ble and more USB ca­bles. EV­ERY­ONE.


I an­swered "I threw it away last fri­day". But that was a lie. I ac­tu­al­ly put ev­ery­thing in a bag, and had not thrown it away yet.

So here it is:

An now it's re­al­ly gone. In­clud­ing:

  • Mi­ni CDs with copies of the USB mass stor­age driv­er for win­­dows (5)

  • Par­al­lel print­­er ca­ble (2)

  • Busi­­ness cards of peo­­ple I don't re­mem­ber (12)

  • Keys to a house that's not mine (1)

  • Cig­a­rette hold­er (1)

  • Pa­per to do cig­a­rettes (1 pack, "El Om­bú" brand) (No, I don't smoke)

  • Hard drives (3, to­­tal a bit be­low 4G­B)

  • CD read­­er (not writer) (1)

  • RS-232 Se­ri­al ca­bles (2)

  • Me­chan­i­­cal key­boards (1, stick­­y)

  • Ar­ti­­fi­­cial sweet­­en­er (4 pack­­ages)

  • Me­chan­i­­cal mice (2)

  • Leather case for Palm Pi­lot (1)

  • Bat­tery for a note­­book I don't have any­­more (1)

  • AA bat­ter­ies (3)

  • IDE/­­PA­­TA ca­bles (2)

  • Un­rec­og­niz­able rub­ber­s­tamp (1)

  • Block­­­buster cre­­den­­tial (1)

And there was one thing I did not throw away. That's for some oth­er day.


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