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Small Things Break Big Things

I have been watching Galactica (the newer one) on and off for a few months. And there is one small thing that drives me nuts every time I see it. It throws me off the story, and completely breaks the world-building that's going on.

Octogonal paper.

This. Makes. No. Sense. Nice font, though.

Why? Because paper is square for functional and manufacturing reasons. You take a spool of paper, you cut it, you end up with rectangular pieces.

Are you manufacturing linen paper? Then you need to build frames to do it, and making octogonal frames is much harder.

To make octogonal paper sheets you need to cut every one of them from square sheets. That is stupid.

Oh, it gets worse. In the BSG universe, they have octogonal *tractor paper*.

What sort of idiot came up with that? How can that even work!

So, a fun series but every time I see a piece of paper I want to scream.


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