2012-07-02 20:49

PyCamp Starts This Week

This friday marks the beginning of the 2012 PyCamp. What's PyCamp? It's a lot of python programmers (this year, about 50) gathering in an isolated place for a long weekend, with nothing to do except code. We will have our meals catered, there are no TVs, there is hardly anything within walking distance, and it's going to be very cold.

So, it's going to be awesome. It's a rare chance for me to spend a few days hacking at my own personal projects, uninterrupted by more important things like family, work, cooking, or socializing except between nerds.

Sure, there is the occasional monocycle riding, or juggling lesson, or shooting practice, but really, three or four solid days of hacking.

I intend to work on projects related to Nikola my static site generator, so if you are interested in that and going to pycamp, I want to talk with you.

And if you are interested but not going to pycamp, there is no reason not to join in a virtual sprint. We'll have internet. There is IRC. I will have time. It's a weekend! Please share any interesting ideas you have about static site generators in the nikola-discuss group and we'll see how much can get implemented or at least started.


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