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Preview of Nikola Webapp

I have al­ready made a few at­tempts at turn­ing Niko­la, a stat­ic site and blog gen­er­a­tor in­to a we­bap­p, with var­ied suc­cess. One of the big­ger prob­lems was, I think, one of scale. I was think­ing of some­thing to re­place http://­word­press.­com ... some­thing where ev­ery­one could host his own blog in very low cost in­fra­struc­ture.

But then again... why not try to re­place all those self­-host­ed word­press in­stances out there? So, here's the we­bapp plug­in!

It's very ear­ly stages, no sup­port for pages, on­ly sup­ports mark­down, no con­fig­u­ra­tion changes, and you can't even re­al­ly delete things. But hey, you can post, which is 95% of the us­age this will get.

UP­DATE: if you are run­ning Niko­la from github mas­ter, you can in­stall this us­ing the plug­ins re­po: http://­plu­g­in­s.get­niko­la.­com/#we­bapp and it sup­ports a lot more than on the video above.

Pablo2M / 2014-03-08 11:21:

Epa, eso es casi lo que nesecito, puedo usar el correcto del navegador y tengo algo como un editor.

Gonzalo Martinez / 2014-03-10 01:57:

Muy buena Roberto, que esmero le estás poniendo, está muy buena la aplicación la voy a probar pronto!

humitos / 2014-05-13 11:01:

Justamente esto es lo que estoy necesitando. Estuve probando Ghost (, pero me mató que ni siquiera lo pude instalar :( . Parece muy lindo para usuarios normales (a quien va dirigido lo que quiero) pero entiendo que no es un generador de sitios estáticos...

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