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On Silver Wings (Hayden War Cycle, #1)

  • Au­thor: Evan Cur­rie
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    Good pop­­corn mil-s­­ci­­fi.

    OTO­H, would it KILL writ­ers who cre­ate char­ac­ters from a spe­­cif­ic cul­­tur­al back­­­ground to spend 5 min­utes vet­t­ing their names with peo­­ple from sim­i­lar back­­­ground­s?

    The main char­ac­ter is called So­ril­la Ai­­da. And she's sup­­posed to be mex­i­­can. That's about as like­­ly as a char­ac­ter from South Car­oli­­na called Skunky.