2012-07-09 11:18

Nikola-as-a-service demo

One of the things I hacked at during this PyCamp is trying to figure out a nice workflow for Nikola, something that will enable users that are not so technical, to use it.

One first step is Nikola-as-a-service, which is meant for technical users anyway but lays down the infrastructure for this to work semi-nicely.

In the video below, you will see me do this:

  • Go to GitHub
  • Take a starter's blog I provided, and do a clone
  • Go to the nikola-as-a-service site, and login (via twitter)
  • Create a site using my fork's repo URL
  • Get a "webhook" URL, and add it to my fork's admin as a post-commit hook
  • Edit a file in github's web UI and commit it (you can of course just push from any github client)
  • Automatically, the site nikola-as-a-service publishes gets updated.

Please don't try to use this service yet because:

  1. It's running in a $4.50/month server
  2. It's the same server my own blog uses
  3. I will turn it off, delete everything, etc. every once in a while
  4. I am editing the code on the server, so no guarantees it will not just stop working.

So, here's the video:


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