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Nikola 3.0.1 Available for Testing

Version 3.0.1 of Nikola my static site generator is ready for initial user testing.

I have merged a bunch of patches from Kay Hayen and Kadefor:

  • disqus_developer is gone

  • addthis buttons are optional (controlled by a new option)

  • You can have more than one static files folder to be merged into output.

  • Image galleries support uppercase extensions.

  • Templates can not link to CSS that is empty/missing

  • Better Google Sitemaps

  • Preserve (some) metadata when copying files, like timestamps

  • Don't overwrite existing posts with doit new_post

  • Generate valid URLs from unicode titles

So, if you want to try it out:

I will make it a real release if nothing bad shows up before sunday or monday.


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