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Nikola 1.2 is out!

Ver­sion 1.2 of Niko­la, my stat­ic site gen­er­a­tor and the soft­ware be­hind this very site, is out!

Why build stat­ic sites? Be­cause they are light in re­sources, they are fu­ture-proof, be­cause it's easy, be­cause they are safe, and be­cause you avoid lockin.

New Fea­tures:

  • Im­age gallery (just drop pics on a fold­er)

  • Built-in web­serv­er for pre­views (doit -a serve)

  • Helper com­mands to cre­ate new posts (doit -a new_­­post)

  • Google Sitemap sup­­port

  • A Hand­­book!

  • Full de­­mo site in­­­clud­ed

  • Sup­port for au­to­mat­ic de­ploy­ment (doit -a de­­ploy)

  • Clien­t-­­side redi­rec­­tions

And of course the old fea­tures:

  • Write your posts in re­Struc­­tured text

  • Clean, cus­­tom­iz­a­ble page de­sign (via boot­s­trap)

  • Com­­ments via Dis­­qus

  • Sup­­port any an­a­­lyt­ics you want

  • Build blogs with tags, feed­s, feeds for your tags, in­­dex­es, and more

  • Works like a sim­­ple CMS for things out­­­side your blog

  • Clean cus­­tom­iz­a­ble tem­­plates us­ing Mako

  • Pure python, and not a lot of it (about 600 lines)

  • Smart builds (doit on­­ly re­builds changed pages)

  • Easy to ex­­tend and im­prove

  • Code dis­­­played with syn­­tax high­­­light­ing

Right now Niko­la does lit­er­al­ly ev­ery­thing I need, so if you try it and need some­thing else... it's a good time to ask!

More in­fo at http://niko­la-­gen­er­a­tor.­google­code.­com


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