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I Must Be Doing it Wrong

It has been said that if noone hates you, you are do­ing it wrong. I must be do­ing it quite wrong be­cause there seem to be a lot of peo­ple who like me, for some rea­son. For ex­am­ple, to­day I was in a dark mood all af­ter­noon. I wrote ag­gres­sive stuff on twit­ter and IR­C.

And what do I get? Peo­ple ask­ing me what was wrong and of­fer­ing help. It's un­fair. Un­fair to them be­cause they should not be sub­ject to the moods of any ass­hole (in­clud­ing me). I can on­ly claim, in the way of ex­cus­es, that my wife no longer works next to me all day.

If she were there, and saw me act­ing like that, she would have slapped me back in­to sen­si­ble be­hav­iour by re­mind­ing me that I am a lucky bas­tard. She does­n't even have to say any­thing, she just has to be there. So, she ar­rived, I no­ticed I am a lucky bas­tard, and I am all mel­low now.

So, if I act­ed like a bas­tard with you to­day, or any oth­er day, sor­ry dude, I am a bit of a bas­tard. But I am a lucky one, and when I don't for­get that, I am, I think, bear­able.

Santiago Cabezas / 2012-06-09 05:02:

Te das cuenta que nos estás dando via libre para putearte cuando te ponés en sorete, ¿no?

Roberto Alsina / 2012-06-09 16:01:

No sabía que había que pedirme permiso.

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