2012-06-08 20:50

I Must Be Doing it Wrong

It has been said that if noone hates you, you are doing it wrong. I must be doing it quite wrong because there seem to be a lot of people who like me, for some reason. For example, today I was in a dark mood all afternoon. I wrote aggressive stuff on twitter and IRC.

And what do I get? People asking me what was wrong and offering help. It's unfair. Unfair to them because they should not be subject to the moods of any asshole (including me). I can only claim, in the way of excuses, that my wife no longer works next to me all day.

If she were there, and saw me acting like that, she would have slapped me back into sensible behaviour by reminding me that I am a lucky bastard. She doesn't even have to say anything, she just has to be there. So, she arrived, I noticed I am a lucky bastard, and I am all mellow now.

So, if I acted like a bastard with you today, or any other day, sorry dude, I am a bit of a bastard. But I am a lucky one, and when I don't forget that, I am, I think, bearable.


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