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Home Server Update May 2023

This is a longer-term up­date on the state of my home serv­er. You can read more about it in these 1 2 3 4 5 6 post­s.


  • Got some SS­Ds for cheap, so mi­grat­ed it from HDDs to SDDs. Thanks to btrf­s, I could even do that with­out turn­ing the thing of­f.
  • Did some ex­per­i­ments to mea­sure pow­er us­age. It's around 8W when it goes full throt­tle with heavy disk us­age.
  • Work­ing on im­ple­ment­ing a UPS for the whole sys­tem.


Since the last up­date I have added a few new ser­vices:


I added a we­b-based file­brows­er. It's ... File­brows­er

Why? Be­cause some­times I need to man­age some files. No big deal, al­most nev­er use it.

Ebook Server

It's Kavi­ta and it's pret­ty good, if a lit­tle too ba­sic. I use it to man­age an epub col­lec­tion, and it work­s. Writ­ing scripts to au­to­mat­i­cal­ly tag and add meta­da­ta to ran­dom crap­py ebooks was fun.


A snip­pet/­paste­bin thing called snip­ and it's re­al­ly nice. I added a small shell script so I can just pipe things to it. I am mak­ing the HTTPS pub­lic at snip­s.ralsi­ and keep­ing the SSH pri­vate in my VPN thank you very much.

Had some trou­ble mak­ing it work on ARM be­cause of a ten­sor­flow de­pen­den­cy, but it's run­ning fine.


Watch­tow­er is a tool that mon­i­tors your run­ning con­tain­ers and will dai­ly check if there are new ver­sion­s. If there are, it will up­grade them. Nice to have things up­date unat­tend­ed.


Serv­er is sta­ble

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