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Don't Trust The Objectivist in Appartment 23

First, a bit of advice: If you have not seen Don't trust the bitch in apartment 23 go ahead and do it, it's very funny.

The hero of the story is a bright young woman (played by an actress that looks like Zooey Deschanel's smart, evil cousin) who has discovered a unsatisfied need in the real estate market: roommates who will take your deposit, make your life hell, convince you to leave, yet commit no crimes vile enough to warrant police's attention.

Having found that need, she, like any true human, fulfills it in heroic fashion, thus taking what's rightfully hers by virtue of her ingenuity and willpower.

Her latest roommate is attracted to her magnetic personality and strong élan, and displays some interesting wit of her own when she reacts to our hero's scheme by stealing and selling all her belongings, which leads to funny hijinks.

Since this is a utopic comedy, state's interference in the affairs of our heros is inexistant, allowing them to exercise sovereign rights over their own bodies, like when they give alcohol to a thirteen yeaar old, or deal in drugs, which as we all know, are victimless crimes, played for laughs (and really, the chinese pills bit is funny).

I have only seen the pilot, but I look forward to the protagonists' starting a steel company, or maybe a railroad corporation, or maybe joining John Galt.

I give this show 4 Rands out of five.


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