2017-07-09 16:42

Changes in this blog

I have made a few changes in how this blog is generated and what features are enabled.

Similarity Plugin

I have enabled the similarity plugin and disabled the equivalent feature provided by Disqus. In general, it seems this plugin produces more whimsical connections which is a big plus. It may lead you to discover very random things I wrote. I know it reminded me of things I did not remember writing!

Continuous Import

I have enabled the continuous import plugin which will automatically merge some other aspects of my online presence with this blog. Currently it has support for goodreads (which I already mentioned before) and youtube (which I have not), so you will see short book reviews and random videos I make.

Examples: goodreads and youtube

This plugin can theoretically support anything that provides a RSS/Atom feed and lets you apply custom templates to the content so you end up with pretty posts in all cases. If you are interested in using it for some other service, feel free to ask me about it.

Front Page

For the first time ever, the front page of this site is no longer the blog, but a landing page.


At some point in the future I may switch to a more customized theme, but that's not in any specific roadmap, it will happen when it happens. In the meantime, this is now using the Lumen bootswatch and am experimenting with using FlowType for a more readable automatic font size.


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