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A Practical Guide to Conquering the World (The Siege, #3)

Cover for A Practical Guide to Conquering the World (The Siege, #3)


This is a cyn­i­cal se­ries. This is a cyn­i­cal book. I have to spoil the pre­vi­ous books and small parts of this one, sor­ry.

The first book tells the sto­ry how even though the city is un­der siege, in­ge­nu­ity can de­fend it.

The sec­ond book tells the sto­ry of how ac­tu­al­ly, no, the city can't be de­fend­ed, but in­ge­nu­ity can save what's im­por­tan­t, which is the peo­ple, by let­ting them es­cape the siege.

In this, the third book ... oh, well, they all died any­way, and the book is about how with in­ge­nu­ity ... FUCK IT.

Rug­pulls are lazy, and mul­ti­ple rug­pulls are lazy as FUCK

I hate my­self for en­joy­ing this book, I de­spise my­self for know­ing the au­thor was go­ing to do it again yet read­ing and pay­ing for it just be­cause I want­ed to know what hap­pened nex­t.

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