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A port of blog.txt to Nikola

If you want a very min­i­mal­is­tic theme for a Niko­la-based site, I just did a quick and dirty port of Scott Wal­lick­'s blog.txt theme

If there is any­thing nice here, he did it. If there is some­thing wrong or bro­ken, I did it in­stead.

I did it ba­si­cal­ly to see if it was pos­si­ble to port word­press themes to Niko­la. And it is, but it in­volves read­ing php files and loose­ly rein­ter­pret­ing them in­to Mako tem­plates.

While the port is far from per­fec­t, it's a rea­son­able start­ing point for some­one who is re­al­ly in­ter­est­ed in it.

Here is how it look­s:


And here is the down­load. To use it, just un­zip it in your themes fold­er, set THEME to "blogtx­t" in your do­ file, and re­build the site.

At least the CSS files are eas­i­ly adapt­ed.

This theme is un­der a LGPL li­cense (see in­clud­ed li­cense.tx­t), en­joy!

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