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Late at night....

...and still lots to do. Well, not re­al­ly late, just 8P­M, but lots and lots and lots to do.

I re­al­ly should start say­ing no to some job­s. Or hire some­one.

As of now, I am teach­ing 3 cours­es, to­tal 21 hours/week, plus con­sult­ing (about 30 hours/week). Call me lazy, but 50h­s/week is just too much.

Sure, I get paid for it, but what do I want mon­ey for if I can't do any­thing I wan­t?

Of course what I want is to play "Driv­er 2"[1] for hours and then code a lit­tle. But hey, to each his own taste.

[1] Yes, I am play­ing Playsta­tion 1 games. I own a PS1. It's nice, it hooks to the TV, so the im­age is big, and the sound is loud. That's about all I ask of the gam­ing ex­pe­ri­ence :-)

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