2003-09-29 22:15

Almost a useful app

Lacks lots of stuff, but the UI is pretty much done.

Stuff needed before publishing:

  • Updating posts (PyDS and advogato)
  • Deleting posts (PyDS and advogato)
  • Posting new (advogato)

Stuff done:

  • Account creation
  • Account edition
  • Post edition
  • Posting new (PyDS)
Sadly, I have lots of work for the next two or three days, so progress will slow.

And.... evil plugin code! (I will redo it someday, maybe):

#Here acctype is one of "pyds" or "advogato"
#Both are modules that define a class called Editor, 
#which inherits a QWidget

exec ("import "+acctype+" as blog")

Of course, if an evil guy could redefine the list of plugins and insert an evil module into your PYTHONPATH, this would REALLY suck ;-)


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