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SPF test suite on RASPF

Here are the re­sults as of right now:

  • Give the ex­pec­t­ed re­­sult­s: 82 tests

  • Give the wrong re­­sult: 48 tests

  • Give a cor­rect but not pre­­ferred re­­sult (most­­ly be­­cause of SPF records and IPv6): 6 tests

  • Fail (crash): 9 tests

So, de­pend­ing on how you look at it, RASPF pass­es be­tween 61% and 56% of the test­s.

Not bad so far :-)

Up­date: As of 20:52 ART, it's 105/0/35/5 and 72-76%. The bad news is that that was all the low hang­ing fruit, and now it gets much hard­er.

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