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My qmail-courier-whatever munin plugins

A few peo­ple have asked me for the code. Ok, here it goes.

First, get qm­rt­g.

Then you need this: qmunin.­tar.bz2

Then build and in­stall it. You may need to mod­i­fy the sources, de­pend­ing on just how your qmail work­s. There are some ex­am­ple munin plug­ins in­clud­ed (in span­ish, I am not trans­lat­ing them ;-), which 99% sure­ly will not work for you, but they are sim­ple shell script­s, so you should be able to hack them.

Cre­at­ing a re­al re­lease of this is just use­less, be­cause ev­ery­one's qmail logs look dif­fer­en­t, so take it and hack it.

And that's it.

Thilo Bangert / 2006-11-24 07:43:

you might want to add them to the munin plugin exchange...

...also did you try dlog at

i use and my username is thilo.bangert

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