2006-10-01 13:53

Long update

I have not posted in a long time, not because nothing happened, but because too much happened.

So, here is an update...


The baby is doing great. The first ultrasound was on Sept. 15th, and hree he is:



That was on Sept. 15th because Rosario wanted it to be my 35th birthday present. So happy birthday to me.


The little company I am starting up is doing great


I have decided that I have almost enough packaged for Arch that it's starting to make sense to master some ISOs. Basically: a somewhat-DJB-way-oriented linux distro.

  • Boots using runit
  • Maybe someday will use LUA instead of sh for startup scripts
  • All services should be managed
  • Will introduce genetic diversity to the ecosystem

That means: no sendmail, no postfix, no BIND, no Apache (at least for basic stuff), no many other "leading" programs. That is intentional. If everyone uses BIND, a BIND failure is catastrophic.

If I have learned anything from Outlook/IE it's that having everyone use the same thing is comfortable, but troublesome.


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