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Ideas for SMTP plugins

The on­ly cur­rent soft­ware I wrote that some peo­ple ac­tu­al­ly use is called RA-­Plu­g­in­s. It's a se­ries of prog­gies you plug in your SMTP server's con­ver­sa­tion, and do di­verse things with it, like re­ject­ing mes­sages that fail cer­tain cri­te­ri­a, check­ing the sta­tus of the re­cip­i­en­t's ac­coun­t, what­ev­er.

In­ject­ing this stuff in the mid­dle of SMTP is good be­cause it means you will re­ject the mes­sages be­fore they get in­to your serv­er. But... I am run­ning out of ideas, so... have any you can spare? :-)

You can see the cur­rent plug­in list here and the on­ly ideas I have left are:

  • A plug­in that calls back to the sender's email serv­er and tries to email him, ala mil­ter-sender to catch forged sender­s.

  • A plug­in to au­­towhitelist in spa­­mas­sas­sin those ad­­dress­es to which you send mail.

  • A plug­in to keep an ac­­count of how many con­nec­­tions you hold to each IP, and lim­it them. (Not cur­ren­t­­ly pos­si­ble)

If you un­der­stand what I wrote, and have any ideas... feel free to post them as com­ments and/or email me with them!

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