2006-06-25 14:23

Exhausted by a match. And I was just watching.

I wrote in my first post about the world cup this:

We have a probable superstar, but he's too young and a little injured. We have a terrible goalie, an aging defense, a lot of above average forwards... I say semis, or quarters. If we get any further, it will be in the Italy way, not the Mexico way.

When I said the Italy way, I meant as Argentina advanced in Italy 90: with lots of suffering.

Now, this was not even close to the equivalent match in Italy: relentlessly being dominated by Brazil, but boy was it painful.

Not a great match, but I have hope that's just beause we match up badly with Mexico.

Germany beat the tar out of Sweden, and England has just finished beating Ecuador.

  • Germany is good, but I still want to know what happens when they play a team that can actually score. The closest they had was Ecuador, but they played without their best forward.
  • Sweden... what a depressing team.
  • England... Like Sweden, but with a guy that can do free kicks.
  • Ecuador... nervous. But not a bad game, they could have won if they had decided to bring it to England, which should have had some player thrown out for repeated fouling.
  • Mexico... guts. Lots of them. People have said Lavolpe is crazy. His name means "the fox". So, yeah, he is crazy... like a fox! He made a perfect tactical setting, but was unlucky with injuries.
  • Argentina... we can get better. I feel there is still another gear. But we need it on friday.

And to all my german friends in KDE... good luck, and a painless 1-0 defeat to you! ( just kidding ;-)

BTW: this is what happens when Argentina plays (game started at 16 hours):



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