2006-06-16 11:04

Happy post

I have not posted in a few days, because I have been very busy.

I have not even been able to see all matches (I missed USA/Czech, Italy/Ghana).

But man, did watching Argentina/S&M pay off! :-)

A very good match by Argentina, which of course brings up the obvious questions...

  • Is the S&M defense made of beheaded chickens?

Allegedly it's one of the best defenses in Europe, but their best player was out. So it's not conclusive. My bet is that they are not beheaded chickens, and that Argentina made them look bad. Or rather: 25% beheaded chickens, 75% Argentina's merit.

On the other hand, the player that said they should have attacked against the dutch was wrong. It's not called being a coward, it's called knowing you can't score.

  • Was the good Dutch performance against S&M real?

Who knows. We will figure it out for sure after they play Ivory Coast. My bet? Tough match for the dutch, possibly a tie.

Now for the other teams:

England has nothing. They suck much more than you think now. Wait until they play a team that actually has a forward who can score (and is not playing 5 like Yorke). Set pieces for Beckham at midfield and Crouch trying to head it in is not something that's going to work a lot. For their sakes, Owen and Rooney better start showing something completely different than against T&T. Which still has a chance. I would prefer them and not Sweden to stay in the cup!

Germany has something. The defense was improved (although Poland has a lame attack), and their forwards are not bad.

Spain has a lot. Specially going forward, and they made Ukrayne look like amateurs. We'll see if that was Ukrayne's fault of Spain's merit later on.

Brazil has something big. His name is Ronaldo. Remove him and they are going to kick ass.


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