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More IUP fun

Af­ter I hacked the D/I­UP bind­ing I thought... how­come I can not build IUP on my PC?

Well, their in­fra­struc­ture is not au­to*, but some­thing they made which I re­al­ly just don't un­der­stand.

So, I de­cid­ed to hack the build sys­tem. if I in­tend to play with IUP, I should be able to pack­age it!

So, af­ter 30 min­utes and some qmake doc read­ing, I have some­thing I can build.

Oh, sure, I mer­ci­less­ly hacked off the win32 sources, but that's not my in­ter­est ;-)

I will not up­load it, but if any­one needs it, just email me.

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