2006-04-02 22:33

What I learned moving my blog

  1. PyDS is good enough to let you change how you host your site and keep it just working.

I switched from pycs.net (thanks for all the good work!) to a static site hosted at my ISP.

Since PyDS simply generates a whole lot of static HTML, this worked pretty good!

I generate the site, and then upload using lftp. No fuss, again, it just works.

  1. Static hosting sucks.
On pycs.net I had referrer logs, stats, comments. The static template from PyDS doesn't have any of that, of course.
  1. You can work around the suckage.

No comments? Haloscan can host them for you.

No stats? statcounter can do them for you.

No spam-free mail webform? I haven't looked yet, but I bet it exists someplace :-)

  1. You learn stuff.

I now understand how PyDS's macros/templates/nuggets/uploadings work. I thought I did. Now I do.

For example, I like comments for longer articles. Before, I added the links by hand. Now I just hacked the templates and it's done automatically. I could have saved a few hours of my life if I had bothered to learn it.

  1. Switching your URL sucks.
Since noone knows where the hell my page is. Luckily soon clee will switch me at planetkde.org and things will start to flow again.
  1. Depending on free hosting's tech support is not a good idea.

I love pycs.net. I loved how it worked. Until it stopped working.

I have no right to whine, though, so I offered to help (got no response yet). Then I moved out.

Since moving is annoying, I will probably not be going back, even if I start loving it again :-(

I am getting and reposting all the comments, but then gain haloscan has a 4-month limit on the comments, so I will have to implement some sort of comment-archiving and closing mechanism.


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