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Ok, so, I am a lazy guy

I just realized I have not learned a whole new real language in almost 5 years.

I have learned a few dialects, some minor stuff to work around or through an obstacle in some project, but I have not written a whole program in anything but python since 2001.

So, since I don't want my brain to turn into muesli, I will now proceed to learn Io .

Nice OO language, prototype-based, which is something I haven't run into outside of JS, I think, a sort of LISPy flavor, with a dash of smalltalk for piquancy.

Maybe I will get really bored with it, maybe not :-)

And yes, the previous post was about having the idea of hacking a Qt binding for it, but it's probably not doable right now, since extending the language is pretty much undocumented, and extending it in C++ is unheard of.

To top that, it uses continuations, which probably cause all kinds of hell on Qt's memory management :-(


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